The Skittles rainbow experiment in milk or water is a lovely kids activity to do.  You can try this experiment with both water, or milk.  We did one with water and one with milk and the results were both so different and beautiful.

I would suggest a large bag of skittles as some will more than likely get eaten, and when I say some, I mean quite a lot!

Arrange the skittles around the edge of the plate before gently pouring in a small amount of water or milk so it forms a puddle and reaches the skittles, then watch the magic happen.

Skittles milk and water experiment.

Setting up the skittles experiment, don’t eat too many!

The skittles rainbow was vibrant and colourful in the water and the skittles rainbow experiment in milk produced a pastel-coloured rainbow.

Skittles in milk produced a much more pastel rainbow compared to the skittles in the water experiment.

You could try arranging the skittles in different patterns to create different rainbows or once the rainbow has formed then give the plate a gentle tap or nudge and watch the rainbow change shape.

Skittles experiment with water. It produced a lovely vibrant rainbow of colour compared to the skittles in milk experiment.

Once the experiment is done, have a look at the rainbows that have been sat in the water and milk and you will see how the colour has dissolved from the bottom of the sweets.

This is a great rainy day activity or something for the weekend. It’s also fun for homeschool science.

This fun activity actually counts as a science lesson too. The colour and sugar coating of the skittle dissolves. It’s about matter changing. This can also be done with an ice experiment too. Or simply making a mug of instant coffee!

This skittles experiment was certainly lots of fun to do. It’s pretty fascinating how the colours produce such beautiful rainbows.

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