I love my car and I love my kids, but keeping the car tidy is pretty much impossible!

We live near the beach, we go out on muddy trips, sandy trips, grassy trips and on wet and dry days, picnics in the rain and snacks on the way.  Are you getting the picture now?  I take my hat off to anyone that keeps their car tidy but I am not one of those people.

My car serves a purpose, a means of travel and a place of fun, singing, sleep, eating, kicking off shoes and games.

I love to let my kids be kids and if that means a car which is starting to resemble the beach crossed with a toy shop and rubbish bin then that’s fine with me as they are only kids for such a short time and I’d rather see their windblown cheeks and smiles than worry about a messy car.

What has helped immensely is the car tidies that I picked up from Lidl, I’ve always hated them and never really understood how helpful they are until I started using them myself.

With pockets to keep drinks in, snacks, a spare set of clothes and toys, colouring and small bits of things to entertain them, the kids think they are great and so do I.

Changing the contents of them helps keep the kids entertained especially for longer journeys.  It’s amazing how my kids get excited with a little pack of new felt tip pens and a colouring book!
This featured car tidy is currently £12.99 from Amazon.

Admittedly, not all the contents get back to their pockets and are usually strewn across the floor and seats but they make picking up and putting away so much easier and the kids love them.  Adam is still in his harness seat so can’t lean forward to reach his things but he grabs what he wants before I belt him up and then his sisters help out with the rest during the journey.

Another way to keep it simple is by having a small plastic cereal box with lid is also great to use as a bin.  Usually, it’s the floor of the car that’s a bin but a cereal box can keep everyone focused on where to put their litter.  Teach them young to not discard litter, it’s easy to pop rubbish into a bag or box and then empty when it’s full.  It does, however, fill up a lot quicker than the car floor!

Prices on Amazon range from £4 upwards.

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