Our home education is taking more and more inspiration from Waldorf Schooling.  We often work with the seasons and what better way to demonstrate this than with a Waldorf Calendar Wheel craft.

You will need 2 sheets of card, a split pin, a compass and pencils, crayons or watercolours.

This is a really easy craft and it was lovely to see how the girls were creative with their seasons for this Waldorf calendar wheel craft.

Waldorf Calendar Wheel.

We started with drawing a circle to cut out for the wheel.  After drawing and colouring trees demonstrating the seasons we wrote the months and seasons on the wheel then used a split pin in the centre of the wheel to attach it to another sheet of card.  A small arrow on the top means you can turn the wheel each month and at a glance know the season.

This Waldorf season calendar is especially great for little ones who get mixed up as to which season we are currently in as sometimes cold means winter and warmth means summer in their little minds.  Another addition to the Waldorf wheel calendar craft is poetry for the seasons.

I stumbled across a lovely poem / calendar rhyme by Flora Willis Watson.  I have a printable version of this poem which is great for the kids to colour in and add their own artwork to it if they feel inspired to do so.

January falls the snow,

February cold winds blow,

In March peep out the early flowers,

And April comes with sunny showers,

In May the roses bloom so gay,

In June the farmer mows his hay,

In July brightly shines the sun,

In August harvest is begun,

September turns the green leaves brown,

October winds then shake them down,

November fills with bleak and smear,

December comes and ends the year.

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