Daily pressures can seem too much and overwhelming.  Try to catch yourself when this happens.  For me, yesterday I really felt under the weather, I was tired and totally not feeling myself.  For me, the daily pressures of life just felt too much.

Occasionally I managed to catch myself with those tumbling thoughts. Thats progress, that’s the direction to take life. That’s realising how you are feeling, being aware of your thoughts and your feelings and then doing something about it.

It’s about stopping yourself in the process of falling.


Coping with daily pressures:

Distract yourself and trust that everything is actually okay and will be okay.

Reach for a better feeling thought.

Respond, don’t react. There is such a huge difference in this. Take a moment now to think about this difference. Did you react to something happening recently when responding would have felt so different and perhaps given a different result?

Don’t dwell on the past or dwell on your problems.  Giving thought and energy to those issues will only bring about bad feelings and more problems.

I ended up watching a Rom-Com, it wasn’t the best film but it had a happy ending, it was fairly funny and it was a good distraction. Abraham Hicks would choose to watch The Big Bang Theory as this was a programme that wouldn’t be negative, didn’t take too much thinking about and is a great feel-good watch.

Insomnia kicked in with me as I was still felt some daily pressures of life.  I made the intention when I went to sleep to have a good day tomorrow, I spent a small time being grateful, I fought the feelings of overwhelm with gratitude. 

When I woke up I made the intention to have a good day. I purposefully spent a few moments being grateful for general things in my life.  A couple of issues came up and rather than reacting I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that I was going to have a good day.


So, as I’m writing this I know that I still don’t feel my best, I know that I’m a little wobbly and that’s okay.

I have recognised how I am feeling and I am doing something to improve the way that I feel.

I’m getting things done, I’m feeling like I am reaching for better feeling thoughts.  I’m not so much focusing on my problems and trusting that well being is abound.  I’m not concentrating on the wobble, I’m not tumbling down but instead, I’m climbing up that emotional scale to reach for better feelings.

Keep reaching for well being, keep striving to feel good.

Keep reaching for that better feeling thought and don’t forget to respond, not react.

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Live the life you love.

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