Is National Trust Membership for you?  I’ve been a National Trust Member on and off over the last decade or so. I would certainly recommend it.

All that fresh air, all the history, the playgrounds. Scenic views, historical views, activities, special events and most of all, plenty of memory making.

Even if you only visit somewhere once a month it pays for itself, it’s amazing value for money and your money really does make a difference to the National Trust and all of the work that it does.

Currently it’s £10 a month for a family membership, for details please check their website.

I’m all for a bargain too and think their membership is really worth paying for as it provides so many days out at hundreds of places.  Yes, you could say it’s just a bunch of old stuff but immerse yourselves in the atmosphere, have fun, attend their event days from snowdrop planting, summer plays to apple festivals or just stop off somewhere for a picnic and a run around.

A lot of the National Trust properties have fantastic gardens to explore and playgrounds to burn off energy.  Keep an eye out online for events coming up. 

A visit or two a month and the membership has more than paid for itself.  Add in the fact that you’ve paid for the membership then this can motivate you to make more use of it and get more family days out.  Compare it to how much you spend going to a soft play or other visitor centre and it really is incredibly great value for money.

I opted for the monthly payments this time and found a voucher code online which gave me the choice of a pair of binoculars or a £15 gift card so I chose the gift card and the kids have loved getting little treats from their shop on the last couple of visits to a local National Trust.

I also purchased the membership through and have also received £5 cash back. 

If you go away in the UK see what National Trust visits you can tie in and explore further afield from home.  It’s not just properties and gardens either, there is so much more, get outside, get moving and discovering!

It’s never too cold for an icecream!

It’s not just stuffy old houses, it’s interesting experiences of castles, houses, buildings and seeing history for yourselves.  I was amazed when I took extra kids with me a few times recently and at how they were captured by what they saw, mesmerised but also I made it fun.

With younger kids, they don’t particularly want to read about the ins and outs of what happened to the history of a building, but they do find fun in the idea when prompted with comments from me such as ‘look how tall that bed is, do you think they need a ladder to climb up?’, or ‘do you fancy taking a bath in there?’, or ‘I’m choosing this bedroom which one do you want?’ or ‘can you imagine carrying all the dinner down this corridor up to the dining room?’.  Kids can learn in a way that suits them and be stimulated by their surroundings.

Get them guessing what things are and what they are used for, get them involved in the experience and not just wander around aimlessly looking bored.

A lot of the National Trust properties have treasure hunts and activities for the kids too, not just on special event days either.

The National Trust also benefit from your membership and funds help maintain their properties so you’re also doing something good there too!

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