Decide what you want to do.  Decide what you want to have, just make a decision and then move forward with it.

Don’t just sit around hoping and wanting.  Don’t live through more of your life wishing and daydreaming.  Make a decision about what it is that you want and go out there and make a plan on how you will go about getting it.  If you’re not sure on the exact details of the plan yet, the best start you can give yourself is to just make the decision and begin to take steps on moving forward on that.

If you find you are indecisive, then change that.  Feel empowered by making the decision on what it is you want.  Decide what you want to do.  Decide what you want to have.

When that firm decision is in place it can feel like a relief.  Take the positive step to choosing what you want to be, do or have.


Decide that the next five years of your life will be different from the last.  Steer that ship towards your destination.

Feel the buzz, gain the motivation and the momentum toward your decision, toward your goal.  Take small steps, take big steps, just keep stepping forward to build that decision and get to where you want to go.

Perhaps you don’t have the finer details of your plan just yet, that’s okay.  The details will fill in as long as you keep moving forward.  Keep your decision firm in your mind.

It could be a house move, a new partner, more income, a better life.  Decide for you what it is that you want.  Have a rough idea of what you will do and keep pushing forward.

Don’t waste more time through procrastination.  Don’t sit there unable to make the decision.  Just decide and go for it.  What’s the worst that can happen?

With failure comes strength, with failure, comes lessons.  When what you don’t want happens, it also provides desires for what you do want.  Reach for those desires of what you do want.

Keep reaching, keep pushing, and when you have reached what you want, then reach for some more.  There will always be more.

Our blog post on keep going may just be a little more motivation for you on your journey.

Live the life you love.

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