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Here’s some ideas for doing valentines day on a budget.  If you are celebrating valentines day and find that funds are stretched then why not make it about love and not about spending a fortune?

Valentines Day on a budget tips:

Eating out.

Some restaurants offer an all you can eat buffet or vouchers, have a look online for money-saving deals if your budget can stretch to a meal out and you are looking for your money to go a little further.  There are offers to be had and a lot of restaurants offer lunchtime deals which would mean you can have a chilled evening in addition to having been out to eat.

Eating in.

Why not up the stakes?  Cook a home-cooked meal.  Bottom line is any home-cooked meal will be considerably cheaper and most likely a lot nicer than pre-prepared food or spending a fortune in a restaurant. 

If you’re not feeling overly confident in the kitchen then watch a cookery programme or get online and watch some cooking on youtube.  Give it a go!
Alternatively, grab a meal deal and pop it in the oven.

Make an effort with setting the table, light a candle and perhaps some essential oils or incense sticks.  A little music and one on one time with your partner to appreciate time together with no interruptions from waiting on staff or other restaurant customers.

Spend time outdoors.

Go for a walk, get out in nature and enjoy being in the moment together.  Hold hands, sit and watch the sunset if the weather is nice.  Take a picnic.  Take a flask of hot chocolate.  There are so many beautiful places in the world but also there are beautiful places on your doorstep.  Even if you live in a city you can find a green area or just appreciate the hustle and bustle and the stunning architecture around you.  Do some people watching if that tickles your fancy!


If your heart is set on flowers, then check out voucher codes online for flowers.  Flowers are beautiful but so is a plant which lasts much longer and is generally a lot cheaper than bunches of roses.  Or why not grab some seeds and flower pots or something nice for the garden.  Get some quality time together by planting together.
Alternatively, perhaps you will strike lucky with some wildflowers or blossom foraging in nature, see what is out there and do something different and a lot kinder on your pocket.

The movies (UK)

Valentine’s day this year is on a Wednesday, see if you can get 2 for 1 deals.  Orange mobile used to run the deal for 2 for 1 tickets for the cinema.  Now, this has been replaced by Meerkat movies.  Grab yourself an insurance quote online.  If you are not in the market for insurance right now why not look at a really cheap travel insurance for the day and for a couple of quid of the cost of insurance you can then take advantage of the 2 for 1 cinema deals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (terms and conditions apply) for a whole year.

Have some movies at home.

Treat yourself to a DVD or a film on Sky, Amazon Prime or Netflix depending on what you use to watch tv.  Close the curtains, light some scented candles and snuggle up with some popcorn.  Pyjamas are optional for extra comfort!

Make your card.

A homemade card can mean so much and will save money too.  Get creative and use your inspiration.  A simple message on a card cut from newspaper or magazine words could mean so much to your valentine.


There’s no real need to buy expensive chocolates.  Why not fill a jar with sweets?  Make a gift box with chocolates and sweets containing their favourite items.  No need to break the bank.

Home made gift.

Why not make something a little special, it could be as simple as a jar with sweets decorated with a ribbon and a message of love on the gift tag. You could also try making your own bathsalts, here’s what the instructions.

Whatever your budget, if you have a loved one to share valentines day with then just enjoy it and make time for each other.  Then make sure you carry on doing this each day of the year as you don’t just need to celebrate each other and your love on this one day of the year.