Do you find yourself saying you want to get more done?  Are you struggling to find the time?

It’s very easy to get stuck in the pattern of life.  Once you start changing your habits, be them thought habits or practical habits you’ll start seeing an improvement in your life.

For me to change personally it took a bit of willpower initially.  By the end of the day all I would want to do was to sit down and collapse, it’s tiring running around all day being busy.


The easiest thing for me to let go of was sitting down in front of the television.  I found my motivation to do what I love and that is working on my laptop, not scrolling social media, actually working and being entrepreneurial.  Instead of sitting down with my feet up in the evening watching TV, I switch it off as soon as possible and get on my laptop instead.  It’s what I’m passionate about. It’s what suits me, it’s what I need to do to reach my goals.


Is there something you want to do, work from home, build up extra income, sell some bits around the house?  Don’t just sit there, grab the bull by the horns, make a change and change your habit.  Start now.

Do you wish you would exercise more? Then start today, don’t put it off, make the changes now. Do what you need to do to get to your goals and desires.

Don’t just wish things that you want. Make steps towards them every day. Do something every day.

Stop procrastinating and wishing things would be different, make them different, you have the ability to make a difference, you have the ability to change so do it, go for it and make that change.

The same could be said about your outlook on life, if you don’t like a thought or situation then change it.  Reach for something better, do something better and you will feel better.

I’m a family of five but it doesn’t matter if you’re single or have a house of one or twenty children when the house is chaotic and messy then that can leave you feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed. Make small steps to ease the chaos. Change the unmotivated to motivated.

Whatever task is in hand do a little more, if you’re tidying the kitchen then clean and tidy a little extra, by doing little extra jobs on top of what needs to be done the place is soon cleared for longer and it then becomes easier to keep on top of, it’s easier to live in and get chores done.

The same goes for any of your to-do lists, start with the worst job, the longest then you will fly through your other tasks, the worst will be out of the way.  The rest will be a breeze.  Don’t dwell on the big picture, take it piece by piece and then re-evaluate.

Start small, do more, think more and see more achievements.

Don’t just sit there wishing and dreaming, be consistent at doing more as this will help you reach what you are wanting more of.

Don’t let things or jobs that need to be done linger, get on top, make the difference and then that way of thinking and that way of life will become the habit, it will become the norm.

A great mindset can also be achieved when you start the day well, you can read about it here.

Live the life you love.

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