The very first thing in the morning really matters.  As soon as you wake into consciousness perhaps even before your eyes are awake but when you are just waking, whenyour brain wakes, this is where you need to make it count and start the day off well.

It’s all too easy to let negative predominant thoughts enter your mind or to think of something that has been overwhelming you of late. If you are filled with worries and troublesome thoughts then these will just escalate and easily attract more negative thinking throughout your day.

Start the day off well.

These tips may well help you to start the day off well:

I’m awake!

As soon as you wake, announce to yourself ‘I’m awake’, you could shout this out loud or just in your mind.  What you are doing here is stopping thoughts in their tracks by distracting yourself that you are awake. It may seem a little odd but it really does work.


If you start your day off with gratitude then you start your day off well. You can be grateful for a restful and satisfying sleep.  Even if this is not totally true if you focus on a bad nights sleep that’s what you will keep getting.  Being mindful to be grateful for a good nights sleep will bring about more nights of better sleep. Being grateful brings you more things to be grateful for.

Stuck on gratitude, then think about being grateful for a comfortable bed, for your home, your family, your work, your day ahead, your goals.  Keep the gratitude and positivity going. Be general in your thoughts if that helps. It’s about setting your mind on the right track.

Thankful feet.

Foggy thinking can impede thoughts so, if you are stuck, then try saying thank you repeatedly as you get out of bed, put your feet on the floor and walk to the bathroom and with every movement say either in your mind or out loud ‘thank you’. Better thoughts can come.

Stick with it.

These 3 actions may appear unnatural to begin with.  Keep at it, every morning and if you forget then start again tomorrow.  Keep it going and make it a habit and see how much better you feel by starting off the day well.

Small changes soon mount up on your positivity journey.  You get one life, live it and live it well!

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Love the life you live!

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