Back in the 80’s hair frizz was not bothered about.  Then came the hair straighteners and people became more obsessed with having sleek hair. Here’s my frizzy hair hack with almond oil.

Why not give this simple hair frizz hack a go. It could save your hair, help your pocket and reduce the amount of clutter in your bathroom. It’s also great to use as a massage oil!

The shelves are now overridden with hair products, serums, shampoos, masks, oily ranges, dry ranges, frizz care and more. Most of these choices come in single-use plastics. A lot of them are in my opinion completely unnecessary.

Seriously, how many hair products do you REALLY need? How much plastic do you need to consume?

Here’s an alternative that does just fine!

I’ve had long hair for many years now.  Also as we get older our hair seems to be more prone to frizz especially in the damp weather and that’s usually where you’ll find my hair plaited or bunched up somehow.

Originally I purchased some sweet pure almond oil to use in my homemade deodorant recipe as well as for massage.

Frizzy hair hack with almond oil:

After washing your hair dry with a towel to remove excess moisture.

Brush or comb your hair to remove knots.

Rub a little oil in the palms of your hands and scrunch into your hair, run your hands through the entire length of your hair then brush through.

Leave to dry naturally.

You’ll be amazed at how much sleeker your hair is.

I prefer to allow my hair to dry naturally, however, there are times when after applying the oil I blow dry my hair on a medium heat followed by a cool setting for a final blow and again, the results are so much less hair frizz!

In the early days it can be more trial and error to find the right amount of oil so that your hair doesn’t look greasy or wet (similar to trying other oily frizz care products).

This is a really cost-effective way to combat frizzy hair.  A great hair hack and frugal too!

Happy days ? Why not try it for yourself, here’s a little affiliate link for some of your own almond oil.

If you are used to letting your hair dry naturally, I would advise to let it dry completely before taking a nap…. I have learnt this the hard way and woken up resembling something I would rather not!!

If you like the idea of a more natural approach as well as perhaps a little kinder on your wallet and the environment, why not have a look at the lovely relaxing lavender bath salts recipe blog post?

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