We live in a world of technology.  The devastation of forgetting your phone as you leave the house and the panic when you’ve mislaid it.  The frustration and overwhelm as you search for your phone which is actually on silent.  The data not backed up and all the photos gone when your phone is missing forever.

Think about how much you use your mobile phone.

Do you remember the days before your mobile phone or tablet?  Did you grow up in a world without these demanding and restricting devices?

Do you still wear a watch, one that is not linked with your phone or tablet?

A world ago, an era ago, memories ago.  A different time and place.

Stop and look round at the world.

People walking whilst on their phone.  Missing out on life.  Missing the beauty around them. People pay to go to concerts and view it through their mobile not their eyes.

Watching TV whilst on the phone and tablet.

Driving and using a phone, it happens, it shouldn’t, it really shouldn’t!

Travelling on trains and buses with this technology welded to your hands.

What happened to reading a book or looking out of the window?  What happened to seeing the world?  Seeing people?  Communicating face to face?

Social media, internet searches and heads down engrossed in technology is killing communication and life. It’s more anti-social than social.

Kids and adults alike are addicted to the dopamine hits the body releases when we are on these devices, we want more, we use them more and ordinary activities no longer seem to provide comparable dopamine hit any longer.

Then there is the throwaway society. The number of technology items redundant, no longer required due to an upgrade and then there it is, landfill filling up, factories generating more. Pollution that is questionably necessary.

Then, and this is what really gets me down is the kids.

Kids and technology.

  1.  Kids starting with technology too young.  A tablet is not a baby sitter.
  2.  Addiction to electronic devices and meltdowns when you take them away.
  3.  Lack of exercise, communication, creativity and diverse playing.
  4.  Having to have the best of technology and the newest.  Competitive pressure.  Is it really needed?
  5.  Leaving reality and missing life, fun and joy.

The other aspect is kids around technology.

There is a time and place for technology including mobile phones as the world is full of technology and technology is moving fast.  It’s part of life but does it really need to be full time and all of life?

However, look around and you see it all the time.

A child repeatedly saying ‘mom’, ‘mom’, ‘mom’ and of course the parent is glued to their phone.  This is not just limited to mums and dads, children are young for such a short time, nurture them and cherish them and put down your technology.  Live in the moment.

What is going on in the child’s head?

Please look at me.

Look what I see.
I love you but do you love me?

Please look at me
not at your phone,
I’m here, I’m right by you.
I need you now I’m on my own.

Why do you ignore me?
Do you not like me?
You hear the ping
and you drop me.

I’m only a child.
I’m only small.
You brought me to this world
You chose to have me.

Be with me.
Look into my eyes.
Hold my hand.
Pick me up.
Cuddle me.
Love me.
See me.
Play with me.
Pretend with me.
Create with me.
Inspire me.
Teach me.

I’m yours.
I’m here.

I love you.

Please love me.

Don’t love your phone.
Put it down.
I’ll soon grow up and not be around.

Time won’t stand still.
Create our world.
It’s not just me.
Please let us be.

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