I hate the idea of so many chemicals in suncream and applying this to my skin and the skin of my children.  I’ve spent hours researching alternatives to avoid chemicals entering the bloodstream. Now I use red raspberry seed oil for sun protection alongside sun cream for super sunny beach days.  It’s also a bonus that I don’t use as many plastic bottles – yippee, help the environment too! You can use the raspberry seed oil straight from their bottle or if you prefer, a smaller spray bottle is lovely and reusable such as these from Amazon.

For those days when you don’t need factor 50 but also know that there is a risk of sunburn, I apply the red raspberry seed oil for sun protection.  It does need to be reapplied frequently if you’re out and about for a long time or swimming.  If I were staying out in the strong sun for considerably longer then I would certainly apply some actual suncream for a better and longer protection (linked further down) but much prefer using the raspberry seed oil.

Here’s what I found out in my research for red raspberry seed oil:

◊  Raspberry seed oil is a carrier oil which means it doesn’t need diluting.

◊  It contains vitamin E which is great for the skin.

◊  It lets vitamin D in unlike sunscreens that block it.  Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and is necessary for your body, for example, your immune system!!

◊  It does need to be reapplied, just like sunscreen.

◊  The oil does not need to be put on 20 minutes before going out in the sun unlike sunblock.

◊  It’s natural. (try orgainic or GMO Free)

◊  Red raspberry seed oil is probably around 30 SPF.  It protects somewhat against the nasty skin cancer rays but doesn’t really protect against ageing at around only 8% protection.  (28-50 SPF for UVB rays and 8 SPF for UVA Study linked here)

◊  There are lots of websites that are pro and lots of websites against the use of raspberry seed oil for sun protection.  Do your own research and make up your own mind.  I did and I’m not looking back on my decision to use it (responsibly).

◊  It’s not recommended to make your own suncream (I wanted to, did lots of research and wanted to add zinc oxide but learnt that it can’t be easily and evenly distributed).

◊  Suncreams not only can enter our bloodstream but they also pollute the environment and enter our waterways (aside from the actual plastic bottles).

Here’s the Red Raspberry Seed Oil that I use to help protect against the sun:

Here’s the one I use, it’s no GMO too!!  Click the link to open in a new tab if you want some too!!

  I also bought some lovely glass bottles with a spray for my Red raspberry seed oil and not just because I loved the colour!

If you’re after a non-nano suncream then try this Badger clear zinc mineral


Be sensible.  Do your research, make your own choice and do what is best for you and your family.

Seek shade. Why do you think all those Caribbean or swanky Monte Carlo beaches all have parasols?  For the shade, now get yourself in it!

Cover-Up.  If you can’t find shade then cover-up, sun hat’s, clothes, hemp or lightweight cotton clothes.  Wearing long-sleeved loose-fitting clothes can be more cooling than exposing your skin directly to the sun.

Vitamin D.  You still need vitamin D so don’t block it out when you need it daily.

Hot Sun.  Stay out of the midday sun, you know, the hottest more burning time of day 11-4pm or thereabouts depending on where you are.

Non-Nano’s.  Go for non-nano sun cream.  Why?  Because if you use nano suncream, the particles are so small they enter your bloodstream – horrifying yes!!

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