Perhaps you have stumbled across this post for a reason.

Perhaps you are a follower of my blog and interested in the Law of Attraction.

I do write about positivity and law of attraction. Why not start your brain thinking in a different way.  Make this a journey of self-discovery, a journey to new feelings and new beginnings.  A journey so that you can be more thoughtful and improve your life.

This is the first movie and indeed the first true introduction to the Law of Attraction I discovered several years ago.  It certainly changed the way I think and feel.  It is however a journey, it’s something to always tune into and learn more as there are times and situations you may find yourself in and something will guide you to find a different way of dealing with your situation and how you think and feel about it.

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne

It’s on YouTube and other platforms, it’s over an hour long and is available in different languages. The original movie should have had Esther Hicks, however, she was removed from the movie, please do your own research regarding this, I love both Esther Hicks and The Secret.

Make time to watch this, it could just be what you need.  It’s an hour and a half, sit back, relax and see how uplifted you feel at the end of watching this.  I find I watch this about once a year but perhaps now, I need to watch it a little more.

Having watched the movie, perhaps you might also appreciate her book, here’s the link to a lovely hardback copy.

|| Thoughts become things. ||

Every thought has a frequency.

Make that frequency count to attract what you desire.

If this feels like a huge step then start small.  Make it your desire to feel good when you wake up, if it lasts until you are out of bed then make it last a bit longer.  Aim for feeling good til breakfast, then lunch and keep going as long as you can.

|| Continually make small steps to feeling good and living the life you want ||

It really is about being conscious of your thinking, be thoughtful of your thoughts.

Do you prefer to live in fear or joy?

Do you prefer to live in anxiety or calm?

Do you prefer chaos or calm?

Do you prefer to live your own life or follow the sheep?

Be your own person, be your own authentic self.  Be mindful, be thoughtful and live the best life that you possibly can.

This may seem like a long watch.  The secret may seem a little far fetched but if you give it a chance then you also give you a chance.  By watching it, and perhaps watching it again you will take something from it, something that you didn’t perhaps even know that you needed.

If you can feel better, it’s amazing what an impact that has on those around you.  Have you noticed that when you have a bad day, those around you do too?  Or have you noticed that during your bad day that others actions and words really annoy you and stand out?

Now, reverse that and how would it be to have a good day and notice good things around you? 

It’s not as simple as Law of Attraction, this is only just part of it but it’s a good part, it’s a start, it’s worth considering and adapting your life to be more considerate of your actions and your thoughts.

It’s only natural to forget, to slip out of the habit of how you are working your positive journey but jump back into it.  Learn something new.  Be open and awake to a different way of thinking.

Shed the fear, bring in the joy.  It makes a whole world of difference.

Rhonda Byrne also has several books available.

I have a lovely hardback copy of The Secret.

Rhonda Byrne’s book should be provided to every household and to everychild,  this method of living, this method of thinking should be spread worldwide.  But that’s just my humble opinion as I know how this sort of thing has improved my life so greatly.

Thank you, thank yourself and live the life you love. 

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