Helen P, that’s me…. I am a married mum of three awesome (I think so anyway) kids.

I love family life and sharing moments of this with you.

I love a simple life, cooking from scratch, practising positivity, nurturing my family, homeschooling, having fun, being extremely sarcastic, saving money, travelling, and you will find all of this plus lots more and occasional ramblings here at SunnyButtercups.

“We’re about keeping it real!! “

This blog is about real life which means there are times of fun, quiet, mess and tidy. Life is supposed to be fun.  My dad used to say life is not a dress rehearsal.  So with that in mind, live life, have fun, make the most of it.

You will see pictures that aren’t perfect, I rarely wear makeup, nor do we as a family avoid muck and mess. If you’re here to find Pinterest perfect pictures you may be lucky and find two!!

We love being outside.  We love doing different activities.  We love cuddles.  We love fun. We love happiness and we choose happy!!

sunny-buttercups-blog-logoMr P and I have been together since the ’90’s, we’ve been through a lot of happy and sad times as does anyone but we love being a family.


Abi, she’s 11 and has such a personality, she’s witty, thoughtful, creative, very caring and loving.  She can mostly be found climbing or being upside down with gymnastics.


Jess is a gentle, very funny, talkative 6year old who is also a firecracker and is forever skipping and living life in the fun zone.


Adam is 3 and is an absolute bundle of joy. He is such a happy boy who is developing such a great personality alongside his sisters.



We as a family up until recently had an old dog.  She was white around her face but old age recently got the better of her so we said our goodbyes and set her spirit free with love.  It’s still sad that her furry bundle no longer sits beside me and I love her photos so, for now, I’m keeping her beautiful pictures of our beautiful girl here.

pictures of our dog.