Helen P, that’s me…. I am a married mum of three awesome (I think so anyway) kids.

Positivity plays a huge part in my life.  I love a simple life, cooking from scratch, nurturing my family, homeschooling, having fun, saving money, travelling, and you will find all of this plus lots more and occasional ramblings here at SunnyButtercups.

“We’re about keeping it real!! “

This blog is about real life, hints tips and plenty of motivational and inspiring ideas to help you live the life you want.  There fun family times, hacks, reviews, ideas, tips, quiet, mess and tidy. Life is supposed to be fun.

Life is not about being Instagram or Pinterest perfect.  Life is about what you make it.

My family of Mr P and our 3 children love being outside.  We love doing different activities.  We love cuddles.  We love fun. We love happiness and we choose happy!!