christmas reindeer cake with red nose chocolate antlers and big eyes

This was our Christmas cake.  Well, if I’m being honest there was a competition on television to enter your pictures of your Christmas cake for a chance to win a huge bundle of toys so this is what we came up with.  We love this fun Christmas reindeer cake!

My favourite cake is chocolate cake.  I’m not going to bore you with the chocolate cake recipe but thought you may well get inspiration for decorating your cake.



Bake a two layer chocolate cake.  Fill with chocolate butter cream when cooled.  Cover the entire cake with a thin layer of butter cream.

Then pipe reindeer spiky hair using chocolate buttercream and a star nozzle for your icing bag.

Melt milk chocolate and spoon onto greaseproof paper in the shape of reindeer antlers covering lolly pop sticks to pop them into the cake and spoon little pupils for the eyes.

how to make chocolate antlers for the christmas reindeer cake decorations
How to make the antlers for the Christmas reindeer cake.

Melt white chocolate and spoon out eye shapes.

Use the remaining white chocolate and add red food colouring and shape into a nose.  Insert cocktail sticks while it’s still warm and pliable so you can attach it to your cake easily.

Chill the chocolate in the fridge until set.

Pop them onto the cake – simple, easy and fun.

Christmas reindeer cake being held by two girls wearing reindeer antlers infront of a christmas tree
My Little reindeers with the cake

This was a true family effort which is great for memory building as well as building life skills for the kids.  We didn’t win the competition but had great fun baking and decorating.