Welcome to our Christmas Tour 2016.  The build up to our first Christmas in the new house has been quite exciting.  Over the past few weeks we have been buying new decorations for the lounge tree as we chose to have a real tree this year.

I love the smell of a real tree and Abi loves to keep the water topped up for it.  With presents under the tree you don’t notice the needles drop too much, not that there has been many, I have been very impressed with it.  So far, the plan for next year is a real tree again.

I love some of the memories that the Christmas decorations have.  Every year we buy a new one perhaps from a Christmas market or when we have been somewhere as a family.  We also steer away from traditional tree toppers and we have a Rudolph the reindeer cuddly toy which we think is fun and different and has been used since 1996!

We have made white clay tree decorations, baked oranges slices and bought traditional candy canes.  A completely different look to the tree this year.

christmas tree with presents under
The fresh smell of real Christmas tree is divine in the lounge.

The girls have used our old tree and decorations as well as a few new ones in their room.  They never used to share a room but love doing so now and they still have their own tiny trees too.

We decided not to wait too long before putting the decorations up (24th November for the lounge and sometime before then for the girls).  Abi wanted some sort of house for a Christmas grotto so a two man tent did the job nicely.  They can even do some indoor camping and not worry about the weather!

festive display christmas tour tree and ornaments

The girls had been wanting to film a Christmas Tour of their room and seeing as it was housework day and tidy I thought it best to film today.