fall painting crafts lavander berry paint

Nature painting is something I have been meaning to do with the kids and they absolutely loved it.  We used blackberries and blueberries for ours.  The colour of the blackberry paint was incredible once it dried.

If you get the chance, I recommend blackberry picking although store-bought berries would be just fine to use too.

berry painting blackberries blueberries and nature brushes for autumn fall

We had a walk in the fresh air and nature and got our own blackberries but we did go home via the shop and to buy our blueberries.

Nature Painting Instructions

Mash your berries (kids love helping) in a dish.

Sieve your fruit mush and juice to remove the seeds and skins.

Use your berry juice to have fun and let your kid’s imagination run wild with their nature painting.

For our nature paintbrushes, we used a feather, lavender, dandelion flowers and grass bunched together on a stick and bound with string.

The kids also used ordinary paintbrushes.

blackberry nature painting fall autumn kids craft

This is a lovely involved easy kids craft for autumn or fall.