shampoo soap review natural bees honey soap

Why use a shampoo soap bar? Many reasons, most of which have been for the better for me personally, here’s my shampoo soap bar review. After reading this, let me know if you change from the plastic bottle to the bar of soap.

Do you specifically have to find a purpose made shampoo bar of soap?

No, is what I was told by a lovely lady at a fair selling hand made soaps. I’m no professional when it comes to soap making but the way I see it, support your local business, support your local hand made soap stall at the market or fair, speak to the person who actually makes the soap as they know what they’re talking about.

Yes, you can purchase a specifically formulated bar of soap or shampoo bar. Go for it. But the ingredients don’t differ greatly in handmade soaps, they’re pretty similar, the shampoo bars have a slightly different mix of ingredients to help with lather and hair care.

On a recent trip to France, I bought some beautiful soaps from the market from a gentleman that was selling honey from his 300 beehive farm in Northern France.

Since returning home, I braved it and used the soap in my hair instead of shampoo.

What I noticed immediately.

It was literally squeaky clean, the kind of hair squeak I recall from childhood. I’m in my forties so used shampoo as a kid before the 3 million different bottles of chemical-filled shampoos came to the market, I mean really? Do we need that many varieties of shampoo filling the shelves and ultimately going to landfill or worse, the ocean?

Maybe it’s my age, but the more I see plastic, the more I hate it. How many empty plastic bottles of shampoo, hair conditioner, treatments, styling products, curl enhancers, frizz reducers, dry and greasy combating bottles does one person need and indeed use?

It made me think, and if everyone on earth had a little think then perhaps, just perhaps we’d be using more environmentally friendly alternatives instead of being sucked into the media hype about what product is best to use.

Go natural, that’s what I say!!

So, returning from my plastic digression and passionate hatred of chemicals…………

I’ve been washing my hair with honey & beeswax (I think, he was French so I didn’t fully understand) bar of soap both for my body and my hair. This one bar is still going strong……… kerching…… I’ve saved a fortune on shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Not only have I saved a fortune but I have also saved the environment and supported a small business while I’ve been at it.

My hair is less frizzy, it feels cleaner, there’s no residue. My hair has not been plied with chemicals and nasty contents.

I don’t need to use conditioner.

My hair is knottier after a wash than when I use conditioner but I can easily live with that. It’s only a moment or two with the hairbrush to get through them.

I don’t have the same amount of bubbles when I wash my hair, it’s soap, after all, it also is a different technique to rub a bar of soap in my hair compared to dripping the shampoo on.

Ask yourself, what did people use in the days before shampoo? The days before the convenience society of beauty products packed with goodness knows what.

I wouldn’t go using just any cheap or mass produced soap on my hair though. I would only recommend a natural soap.

I wish I knew how wonderful shampoo soap was before.


How often do I wash my hair?

Well, this perhaps should be another blog post entirely. A few years back I used to wash my hair every other day and that started to annoy me a lot, it was an effort, I had a small child. Time was somewhat limited for my self-care regime.

I started slowly to extend the time between washes, my hair had got used to being washed so frequently, it was a tad tough going at times with the grease but after a few weeks, my hair got used to only being washed once a week. I don’t go round with super greasy hair, I just wash my hair when it needs it and for me, that’s weekly.

Even having switched to a shampoo bar, I still only wash my hair weekly.

For me, the only aftercare I use is a hairbrush, air drying so no hair driers and extreme heat and a splash of almond oil, rich in vitamin E.

That’s it, simple.

I can style my hair up, down, some up, some down, all up, all down. I don’t need tonnes of products because that’s what I ‘should’ be doing.

It took time, it took a small leap of faith but my hair is in the best condition it’s been since I was a child.

Yep, I still have bad hair days, but then who doesn’t?