christmas advent calendar star shape with pockets

I love making up the Christmas advent activities calendar each year.  It’s something we’ve done for several years now and the kids really enjoy it.  The children still have their chocolate calendars (and usually me too!) but in addition I create activities for the run up to Christmas.

christmas advent activity calendar
Christmas advent activity calendar (image courtesy of pinterest)

Ordinarily I pop the activities into envelopes or get the kids to colour and draw on the envelopes and stick them onto the wall.  Each day we open the envelope to see what activity we will be doing.

This year I was lucky enough to come across a beautiful felt calendar.  I took it out of the packet before Christmas to flatten out and my friend thought I had made it… I could have taken credit for it when asked how long it took me but I was honest and answered that it took me about 10 minutes to nip to the shop and buy it!

green card slips with activities written on, wooden table top
All the ideas for our advent calendar this Christmas.

Christmas Advent Calendar Activity List:

  1.  Make a gingerbread house.
  2.  Christmas dot to dot and colouring.
  3.  Watch Elf movie.
  4.  Paint and decorate wooden craft xmas trees.
  5.  Bake Christmas biscuits.
  6.  Make paperchains.
  7.  Make giant paper snowflakes.
  8.  Watch Arthur Christmas.
  9.  Make paper snowflake garlands.
  10.  Bake gingerbread santa’s.
  11.  Sew Christmas stocking decorations.
  12.  Make hama beads decorations.
  13.  Make a window suncatcher.
  14.  Go out to look at Christmas lights & have hot chocolate.
  15.  Make wooden xmas decorations with the wood burner.
  16.  Make paper lanterns.
  17.  Make jam jar lights.
  18.  Paint and decorate wooden craft angels.
  19.  Colour festive character sticks.
  20.  Sticking and glueing present pictures.
  21.  Make woollen hat xmas decorations.
  22.  Bake mince pies.
  23.  Xmas colouring.
  24.  Make reindeer food.

I created the list of activities which was pretty easy this year.  I had a lot of the craft and baking stuff in already and only bought a couple of bits for the activities.  I keep the list in my organiser and had made a little shopping list for anything I would need.  Before December I put all the activity items into a box so that each day it would be easy to find.

I hope this blog post gives you inspiration for your Festive children’s activities too.  It’s certainly a tradition in our house that I love doing, the kids love doing and a few of my friends have started this too.