how to dye eggs using food colouring for easter craft

I remember as a kid colouring eggs in with felt tip pens.  So this year I thought it would be fun to dye eggs using food colouring.

It’s quick and easy but make sure you hard boil the eggs first.

I was lucky enough to have some white and blue eggs from a local farm to make a change from the standard UK brown eggs so I had a good mixture of eggs to dye.

You could get creative dying the eggs by tying elastic bands around the egg so that the food colouring doesn’t take to all the egg and leaves a pattern.

Alternatively you could draw on the eggs with a white wax crayon before dipping in the food colouring, again so the dye doesn’t take to the wax patterns.

Or, you can just dip the eggs in food colouring and leave them plain or draw on them once they are dyed.

How to dye eggs using food colouring:

You will need:

Hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup warm water
2 Tablespoons white vinegar
Food colouring, approx 20 drops or more depending on finished colour required.

Optional: white wax crayon, elastic bands, pens.


Put the water, vinegar and food colouring in a bowl and dip the egg in for around 5 minutes spooning over the coloured water occasionally and gently turning the egg to get an even dye.


We had the hard boiled eggs with a salad for our dinner and I told the kids that one of them wasn’t cooked so when they were cracking the eggs to peel they were hoping it wasn’t them that got the uncooked egg….. of course I was joking but they thought it was funny when I tested cracking an egg on my head!

As we had been on an Easter egg hunt this week Adam saw the pink stripy egg and called it a chocolate egg.  I guess he’s not used to seeing pink eggs for dinner and he’ll have to wait for Easter Sunday for the chocolate eggs!