birthday homemade pinata hitting with kids

Birthday costs can soon spiral out of control and call me tight frugal but I fancied making our own pinata as my soon to be 5 year old had requested one for her birthday.

Pinata’s retail for around £12 and we made ours for under £1 plus some sweets.

It doesn’t take too long to actually make but with all the drying time needed I would recommend allowing 4 or 5 days to allow the layers of paper mache to fully dry.

My 10 year old loved helping me make this.

Sunny Buttercups

What you need:

1 balloon
Cup or mug to stand the balloon in
Lots of strips of newspaper cut into roughly 1″ x 8″ strips

2 cups flour
2 cups water
1 tablespoon salt

Crepe paper
PVA glue

Newspaper to cover your work area.

Sweets, goodies and streamers to fill.

how to make a homemade pinata


Inflate the balloon & tie a knot.  Place in the mug to keep it steady.

Mix the flour, water and salt to a reasonably smooth paste, the smoother the better.  I recommend making this in a bowl or tub with a lid so you can keep it from drying out while you wait for the paper mache to dry.

Put your first layer of paper mache onto the balloon leaving the knotted end free and just big enough to push your sweets through when it’s done.
Dip your paper into the glue and run the paper through your fingers to remove excess paste before placing onto the balloon.

Allow the balloon to dry before adding another layer.  Repeat until you have 4 layers of paper mache covering the balloon.

homemade diy pinata instructions

If you want to add colour then paint the balloon.

Crepe paper makes a lovely finish.  Decorate with strips of crepe paper cut up into frills and layer over the balloon with pva glue.

Pop the balloon and remove.

Punch two holes into the top of the balloon to thread with ribbon or string to tie up the pinata.

Fill with goodies and sweets.

Hang up your pinata and hit (the pinata, not people).

I recommend a bat to hit the pinata but we couldn’t find ours so we used a handbrush instead!!