This is something I have wanted to make for ages.  A quiet corner for reading, chilling and playing. It’s super simple so here’s a guide on how to make a teepee den.

To add comfort and a feeling of snugness I used a spare double duvet folded over and added some cushions, a pillow and a fluffy fleece blanket for the kids to sit on.

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What you need for the teepee tent den:

4 rods of wood – I would suggest 5 foot for a lower teepee or 6 foot lengths depending on the size of your room and height of ceiling and how big you want the den to be.  The wooden rods I used were 3/4inch and 6 feet long.  Alternatively you can use plastic piping or have a look for metal rods in the garden centre.

A drill – but this is optional as tying the rods together should be sufficient.

Twine & scissors – strong twine, any colour or multiple colours.

Material – I had a couple of spare curtains and a duvet cover but sheets or lengths of material would do fine too.

Needle, thread and scissors, or pegs – to secure the material in place.

Decorations – flowers, fairy lights, bunting, ribbons.

Some soft furnishings – duvet, cushions, pillow, blanket.

How to make a teepee tent den:

If you decide to drill holes it does make it easier to position the structure together.  Drill holes approx 6 inches from the top ensuring to drill all the way through.

Thread your twine through the holes of all four pieces of wood.

how to make a teepee tent den wooden rods
Thread the twine through the drilled wood.

Position the wood into your desired size of teepee and tighten the twine and wrap around plenty of times to make it nice and secure.

Drape your material over the teepee structure.  I stitched the top of the material to secure in place but you could use clothes pegs.

Decorate the teepee tent den with anything you fancy!

Teepee centre decorated with flowers showing steps of how to make a teepee tent den
Decorate with flowers, fairy lights or bunting.

sunny buttercups

It’s currently in the window of the lounge but I may move it to another corner of the house.  The kids love it and so does the dog!  I think the dog likes the comfort and getting out of the way of my 1 year old running round although he does chase her out of it occasionally.

I quite often like a period of quiet time in the afternoon for reading so this teepee tent den is an ideal spot.  Adding fairy lights and different textured cushions not only makes it cosy but also adds to the sensory aspect too.

photograph of a lounge with sofa, kids and a teepee tent den
We love the teepee in the lounge, it’s a great spot to chill in.