May crafts for kids

Today we did some May crafts for kids.  We made a simple miniature Maypole and some tissue paper bluebells.  Ok, so side by side they are totally out of proportion but they were great fun to make with the girls.

These May crafts for kids were really easy, not planned and utilised all sorts of bits and pieces I had laying around.

Don’t shoot me for the fact that they are not picture perfect for Pinterest either.  Let’s face it, if I had time, was very artistic and wanted to make a craft duplicate then I still probably wouldn’t as this craft was for the kids, hence it being May crafts for kids!

miniature craft maypole
Perfect for us, cute and miniature.

Mini Maypole – May Crafts for kids:

Common sense should prevail…. a stick, perhaps some mini flowers and ribbons or threads is all that’s needed.

I didn’t want to sacrifice a pencil for the pole and didn’t have anything else suitable so I sticky taped some wooden BBQ skewers together, placed them in modelling clay.

Maypole May crafts for kids
Fun to be creative with May crafts for kids.

I covered the clay base with a circular cutting of paper which we glued and sprinkled with dried lavender.  Why?  Because we had some and thought it would look cool and smell nice!

The top of the maypole is a small cutting from an egg box (starting to sound like a Blue Peter craft), ribbons, glue and small scrunched up tissue paper for the flowers.

Pop some modelling clay on the top of the pole, press down the flowers and ribbons and hey presto, you have a miniature maypole.

Craft bluebells – May crafts for kids:

bluebell tissue paper flowers May crafts for kids activities
Vibrant tissue paper bluebells. Name me one child that doesn’t like making tissue paper flowers!

Very simple buy enjoyable.

You will need some bendy straws, tissue paper and some way of sticking them together.  I used double sided sticky tape.

We wrapped the double sided sticky tape to the top section of the straws, scrunched up some blue tissue paper and stuck them on.  Job done!

They all enjoyed the crafts today.

Abi aged 10, Jess is nearly 5, Adam 2 and me (old) loved relating to the book, the month of May and looking at traditions.

May crafts for kids spring activities
All three of my kids loved todays crafts and corresponding book and YouTube.

Jess particularly enjoyed watching Maypole dancing on YouTube and it brought back childhood memories for me too as I recall dancing around the maypole in primary school.

Sunny Buttercups

May 1st has been celebrated for centuries and has evolved over time, from pagan celebrations worshiping goddess Maia (Greek mythology goddess of spring). To the celebrations we see today.  Many changes have happened for May Day and indeed it is celebrated in different ways worldwide.

We read a passage for the month of May in an old book The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady as there are fantastically detailed nature drawings and wonderfully interesting information to read.

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