melted crayon art rainbow canvas

Melted crayon art canvas is really popular on the internet and is a fun and very simple craft to do.  I managed to get the crayons and canvas for less than £3 and used some wood glue from the garage.  You could also use a glue gun if you prefer.

What you need to make your rainbow melted crayon art canvas:

A canvas, size is up to you
Lots of crayons
Glue (wood glue, strong pva glue or a glue gun)
Hair dryer
Plastic sheet

How to get your melted crayon art canvas looking like it’s melted:

Choose your pattern of coloured crayons and line them up on the canvas to ensure you have the right pattern for you and it fills the complete width of the canvas.

Glue the crayons on and allow enough time for the glue to fully set depending on which glue you are using this could take overnight.

Prepare to melt your melted crayon canvas art…… I used my painting and craft plastic coated pvc table cloth but you could use a plastic sheet.  It’s worth the preparation as when you are using your hairdryer for melting the wax it can splatter a little and it just saves a clean up job at the end.

I draped the sheet and jammed it into my kitchen cupboard doors and had enough to cover the floor area where I was working too.  This technique worked a treat!

Next, place your canvas upright (crayons at the top) and using a medium fan strength and high heat just angle the hairdryer so that it melts the tips of the crayons and the drips melt and blow down the canvas.

Make sure you have the hair dryer blowing downwards otherwise the drips will go everywhere.

When melting the crayons it will smell a fair bit but it’s worth it!  The melted crayons dry really quickly though.
Use the hairdryer to create your masterpiece and then hang it on the wall and enjoy your colourful creation.

This is a fun activity for all the family to join in unless you have a toddler who is prone to eating crayons then perhaps leave doing it until their nap time!