colourul caterpillar and spider made from modelling clay and googly eyes and feathers for kids craft

Such a simple and creative craft for kids.  Modelling clay mini beasts is so much fun.  A great activity for all ages.

Just grab some craft bits.  We used feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and cut up coloured foam to create our modelling clay mini beasts.

This could be a great rainy day activity too.  During our house move I packed up a few easy crafts to just get out and chuck at the kids (not literally chuck but you know what I mean).

This kids craft can really inspire your kids imagination and get them to use their creative skills.  It’s also great for fine motor skills for the littler ones.

Does it really matter if the spider doesn’t have eight legs or the caterpillar is pink? As long as they don’t eat any of the modelling clay or as long as toddlers don’t get it stuck up their nose I’m sure they can have fun!