As we go Crochet Blanket

as we go crochet blanket

If you’re looking for an easy to mediate crochet blanket you can do to any size then look no further.

I’m part of a crafting group on facebook and came across this beautiful crochet blanket. I learnt to crochet about a year ago, I went to a group for a few sessions, learnt the basics and now mainly rely on YouTube tutorials for guidance.

as we go crochet boho blanket

I wanted a boho blanket mainly for camping but as it turns out it’s also kept me warm not just under the stars but also over winter at home!

We’ve a few camping trips planned again this year and I’ve just started another two blankets for my girls, they are choosing the colours for each row themselves and I’m enjoying the quiet time of crochet.

Here’s a link to the website which has great pictures and descriptions of the stitches, just remember to measure the blanket!
As we go crochet blanket by not your average