Raindrops on a window

August is here but that doesn’t guarantee sunshine.  Sometimes it can be tricky to think of activities to do with the kids.  Here’s 12 of my favourite rainy day activities for kids.

Don’t want to spend a fortune entertaining the kids?

Why not try these tips to keep your sanity by having the kids entertained?  Some of these tips can seem obvious but also so easy to forget when you’re confronted by kids shouting ‘Mum I’m bored, what can we do?’

You could dress up in waterproofs and wellies and get out in the rain, jump in puddles and have great wet fun!  Or alternatively stick inside and have these ideas help your rainy day activities.

12 Rainy Day Activities for Kids that won’t break the bank:

  1. Den building.
    Grab sheets, duvet covers and blankets and maybe a few pegs to help secure in place and have the kids get their imagination going.  Build dens & get them to set up home or a boat, or a nursery, a castle or whatever they fancy.  Even the building of the den and the anticipation of creating a new little world can get the kids excited.
  2. Indoor picnic.
    Grab a blanket and enjoy a picnic inside away from the rain.  Why not throw in some teddy bears and have a teddy bear picnic.  Taking it a step further, get the kids to dress up in fancy dress.
  3. Bake together.
    Forget the mess and enjoy baking together.  Get messy, teach the kids a life skill and then enjoy your baked creations.  You could even bake something for a picnic or for them to snack on in a den you built.
  4. Treasure hunt.
    I did this recently by cutting up little shapes of shiny paper.  Each child had their own shiny ‘jewel’ to find in the house.  They absolutely loved hunting in every room for their treasure and it gave me 15 minutes peace.
    Alternatively, add a story and join them in the treasure hunt.
  5. Make your own library.
    Involve the kids in making a library.  Collect different books for different sections of the library, perhaps some cooking books, kids books, gardening books and reading books.  Create a checking out/in till and make membership cards.  Work ID’s.  A cafe corner.  This is great role play and can encourage reading too.
  6. Movie time.
    If you’re lucky enough to have a sofa bed then make this up or just throw extra cushions, pillows and a duvet on the floor or sofa. Make tickets, popcorn in tubs and an unusual fun drink with a straw and get the film on with the curtains shut for an hour or two.
  7. Board games and cards.
    Ditch technology all together and have some real play time with board games and cards.  It may well spark an interest to do this more regularly and not just when it rains as kids love this quality time together.
  8. Make your own beauty salon.
    Nail varnish, hair accessories and take it in turns to glam up.  Create conversations just like at a real salon.  Have a refreshment and maybe some moisturisers for a facial.
  9. Grow cress.
    Use an eggshell or an old yoghurt pot and decorate it into a funny face or person by adding feet.  Place your cotton wool inside, wet it and add the cress seeds.
  10. Marble run.
    Grab plenty of cardboard tubes and boxes from the recycling and see what you and the kids can create for a marble run.  Test it as you go along and keep building and building.
  11. Stick and glue house.
    Get some old wallpaper and draw a huge house on it and get the kids to cut out pictures of household and garden items to make their own house.  They could put a swing in the garden and add cushions in the bedroom.  Lay it out on the floor and let them stick and glue away.
  12. Fashion show.
    Just with the clothes from the kids wardrobe or even yours with belts added get the kids to dress up and pop some music on for a fashion show.  Ideas for outfits could be spring, summer, autumn and winter as well as a prom night, Christmas and summer holidays.