For my followers, I have enjoyed a summer offline.  It’s probably been my last opportunity to have had some quality and much needed time offline from most social media and the internet.

It’s amazing how refreshing it is to take a break from working online, playing online and wasting far too much time procrastinating online!

I anticipated taking a summer break although not quite such a long one.  I’m picking up the pieces and getting back into the swing of things now.  Homeschooling is incredibly intense, juggling school work for 3 kids, play dates, home education meetups and activities, extra days out and running a house at the same time.

The summer was supposed to be a time offline and to recharge our batteries, taking it slowly, however, it seemed to be even busier than during ‘term time’ and it has left me hitting the ground running again now that we have started homeschooling for our Autumn term.

Our summer has certainly been jam-packed every day.  We’ve been incredibly social, had families and friends staying with us for fun and little holidays by the sea.  Inbetween all this we’ve enjoyed a home education camp for a week during the heat wave which was a great opportunity to let our hair down as a family although Mr P was working.

Our second home education camp was more of a festival with lots of workshops and a great time was had by all with friends new and old.  We had such an amazing time we plan to go back again next year.  Hopefully with our friends too!

Lastly, we were lucky enough to go to France for a couple of weeks with some amazing and special company with lots of sightseeing, eating lots of French cheese and drinking wine.  This for me was the highlight of the summer.  I’m not saying we didn’t have an amazing summer because we did.  But, two weeks in France to take it easy felt, in a good way like we were there for a month.  The kids regularly ask when are we going back!!

I hope for you also that you had a good summer and have settled into the Autumnal months.