I love how the kids have so much energy and natural happiness and can jump for joy.  I however can’t always keep up with the pace and blogging life and life in general has been as usual pretty hectic for me.  I started the blog as a hobby, somewhere to be creative and share some positivity, parenting and life.

For just over a week I have been pretty much offline and have loved it.  It’s boosted my batteries for me to get going again with the blog and family life.  Yesterday was really busy with home ed and after a busy morning the girls, Adam and I had an impromptu movie afternoon.

The sofa bed came out with plenty of pillows and the curtains drawn for us all to relax and watch a film.  I was off my laptop still, my phone was charging upstairs and I just sat and watched Nanny McPhee.  It was great to be doing nothing, great to be chilling with the kids.  Just what the Doctor ordered.

Peace and quiet finally reigned again once all the kids were in bed.  I continued to recharge my batteries and take it easy.

Laburnum tree
Stopping to look at the beauty around me. A stunning laburnum tree.

This week I have looked at my diary, planned around stuff that’s going on and scheduled some time for me, just me with no kids, no housework or meals to cook.  I’ve found a safe harbour at a friends house so I can sit on my laptop for a few hours while their house is empty.

Time to catch up for me and to do what I love doing.