This is a view into our Christmas day 2016.  The kids were excited to find their piles of presents from Santa.  Before opening their gifts they sorted out the presents from under the tree so we had all the presents ready to open and I had chance to make a cup of tea!

I love how the kids love Christmas and all that it encompasses.  Yesterday the kids loved their Christmas Eve box which you can see here.  The build up of Christmas saw us do another year of our advent calendar activities which you can see here.
The lead up to Christmas Day 2016 has been a fun journey of activities, Christmas markets, probably too much hot chocolate and Christmas music on the television.

When we all unwrap the presents I put a laundry basket down so that all the paper goes in as the unwrapping takes place, partly this saves total chaos but also it means that we don’t lose any little presents when scooping up piles of paper from the floor.  It also makes recycling a lot easier and sometimes I am just all for an easy life!

two children sat on a rug with christmas presents
Christmas Day, the fun starts here!

After all the unwrapping is done we have breakfast which for us traditionally is a Dutch inspired breakfast of hard boiled eggs, toast, gouda cheese, meats and pastries such as croissants.  This year instead of croissants we had home baked cinnamon swirl rolls.

two happy girls sat at a party table
Dutch Inspired party breakfast.

This Christmas is possibly one of the first years that I forgot to take a picture of our Christmas dinner.  We had turkey with all the trimmings including Yorkshire puddings.  It was so lovely to just relax and enjoy the day.

Admittedly I did have a nap with Adam after lunch while Mr P took the kids out with their remote control cars.  Why not hey?!  It’s Christmas!

The day ranges from playing with the new toys, eating too much and relaxing in front of the TV.  I guess it’s like many households celebrating but somehow, this year felt more special to me.  Perhaps it’s because we are more relaxed in our new home.  Maybe it’s how it all came together nicely, the cost of Christmas has been spread over a few months getting a few bits here and there.  Shopping lists were organised early so I knew what we needed for a yummy dinner and all the extra little bits.  And I have learnt to live my life and love the life I live.