I co sleep with Adam and have done since he was just over 12 months old.  How is co sleeping with a one year old?  Eventful, fulfilling, loving, mildly annoying at times but wonderful!

Our co sleeping has changed and I imagine will continue to change every now and then.  I don’t expect to be sleeping with him forever but for the most part it is lovely!

I now lie with him until he has fallen asleep.  This happens on average within 10-25 minutes.  Months ago he went through a phase of hitting my head with his head or hand but I quickly worked out this was due to his frustration at me not cooperating with him and pretending to be asleep.  I thought that if I pretended to be asleep it would speed up the process of him going to sleep!

I have had a black eye from one particular head butt from him and he seemed not to notice!  Now our co sleeping routine is different.

The cot bed has always been against one side of the bed to stop him from falling out and I have the other side.  Mr P removed the sides of the cot bed in the hope that he would be happy in his own bed but he’s not ready for the move yet and quite honestly, I’m not ready for him to move either.

He has used the cot bed twice for a nap.  That was weird, I really missed him not being right next to me in the bed even though his cot bed is touching the side of mine!

For his night sleep Abi quite often comes to read a book to Adam while he has some milk.

rabbit teddy superhero next to a book with a smiley shark cartoon drawing on
His new favourite teddy he calls Ralph and one of his books ready for bed.

I like to ask him a few questions about our day such as ‘did you like the beach?’, or ‘did you have fun playing with the balloons?’ and we have a little chat all calmly and cuddling.  He’ll settle down and I love his babbling and practising of words before he falls asleep.  He will look at me every now and then whilst chatting to himself and I will kiss his forehead or cheek depending how he’s laying.  He’ll make raspberry sounds every now and then too.  Then he stares into space and ocassionally checks my face where I pretend to have sleepy closing eyes before his eyelids get droopy and then he falls asleep all whilst holding my hand.  If my hand is not close by he searches for it until he’s found it and settles.

He sleeps in a grobag sleeping bag and the duvet is not shared with him.  Once I am confident he is fast asleep I usually wait another minute or two before sliding out of the bed.  A small rolled up blanket and pillow under the duvet to form a body shape is quickly positioned and I creep out of the room for some grown up time!

The monitor I still use for him has a camera as well as sound so that I can keep an ear and an eye out for him while I am downstairs.

I didn’t co sleep with the girls and I wish that I had now.  We’ve had naps together and sleep overs but I was always apprehensive to co sleep.  There is a lot of information out there to ensure that if you do choose to co sleep then it needs to be done safely.

I quite often find I am disturbed in the night and don’t move as often or sleep as deeply but I wouldn’t change it for the world right now.  If you are having trouble sleeping here is a blog post for natural tips to help sleeping.

I have started thinking more about getting him into his own bed but for now, we are happy and it suits us.  I think, do what suits you as a family and don’t worry about what other people think.


If you co-sleep with your baby, here is some guidance about sleep safety:

  • Make sure your baby can’t fall out of the bed or become trapped between the mattress and the wall.
  • Keep your baby cool by using sheets and blankets rather than a duvet.
  • Ensure bedding does not cover your baby’s face or head.
  • Always put your baby to sleep on their back rather than their front or side.
  • Babies don’t need a pillow until they are at least a year old. They should also be kept away from parents’ pillows.
  • Never risk falling asleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair. If you’re feeling really tired and think you may fall asleep with your baby while feeding or cuddling them on a sofa or armchair, move to a bed (keeping in mind the safety guidelines above) or, if possible, ask your partner, friend or family member to look after them while you get some rest.

Co sleeping safety is the advice given from the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) website, please refer to their website for further information.