an easy way how to display kids artwork
Simply tie ribbon and weave around the screws to hang your kids artwork on display.

Are you tired of sticky tape or tack to hang up the kids artwork?  I was so when I moved house I knew exactly how I wanted to make my life easy and here’s how easy it is and how you too can learn how to display kids artwork.

This way of hanging kids artwork and crafts with pegs is great.  It does fill up quickly so I empty it regularly to make way for new pictures, paintings and anything else the kids like to display.

Why not get creative and decorate your pegs too?

I always leave my Waldorf-inspired calendar wheel to show the months and seasons and currently the alphabet reference for Jess.

wall art using ribbons for displaying pictures
My art display wall ready for more crafts and pictures.

How to display kids artwork:

You will need:

A drill.
Raw plugs.
Spirit level.
Small pegs for displaying artwork.


Be creative, use the wall space you are able to and drill holes into the wall, insert wall plugs and screws leaving the screws standing proud by approx 1cm.

I used 6 screws, 3 on each side and used all the ribbon that I had left in my craft supplies.

Tie your ribbon to create a web ensuring you tie the ends securely.

ribbon woven onto a wall to display kids artwork
Simply weave ribbon arounds screws to display your kids artwork and hang up with pegs.



how to hang kids artwork with opening picture framesThere are some great alternatives for hanging artwork that needs to be changed often such as these frames that are available in all sorts of sizes and colours.




I had a great idea and image in my head that I tried to describe to Mr P and it was only when it was complete he fully understood what on earth I had been going on about!

While we were putting up pictures and doing the final unpacking I asked Mr P to get the drill out and some screws.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sexist getting a man to do the DIY but I personally hate using a drill.  Any other DIY I’ll do but not drilling or using an electrical sander as these two jobs I despise!


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