I thought I would share my easy tidy up with kids system that I use in my house.

Admittedly, I do not stick to this daily as I am a busy mum of 3 kids that are home schooled.  We bake, cook from scratch, have a dog, play with lots of toys, enjoy messy play, crafts and then on top of all this the general living of family life can leave a trail of mess behind.

It’s habit changing to try to put stuff away as you go along.  I’m great at putting scissors and glue away out of my little ones reach but lets face it….. does anyone live a pinterest picture perfect life?

Here’s my top two EASY TIDY UP WITH KIDS tips:

The two song tidy up.

It’s exactly what it says.  I pop two songs on (usually on my phone or tablet) and we all tidy up the lounge before the kids go to bed and try to get it done before the songs finish.

This works a treat and can sometimes be done in under one song.  Silly dancing and singing is optional!  I sometimes use the two song tidy up in other rooms too.  It’s a challenge.  It’s fun.  Jess who is nearly five will sometimes need pointing in the right direction such as ‘quick, you tidy up the blocks while I clear the table’.

Basket full of toys and clothes
Pop it all in a basket to put away, so simple.

Basket and box tidy.

A box for different rooms.  Now, I’m not suggesting stacks of boxes.  I generally use my laundry baskets or I quite often have an under bed plastic storage box hanging around with my laundry baskets.

  • Girls bedroom tidy up:
    If it’s a mammoth tidy in the girls room then a box for stuff that belongs downstairs will suffice, possibly even a box for the lounge and one for the kitchen if it’s really bad.
  • Lounge tidy up:
    If it’s a clean up in the lounge where there has been lots of clothes and toys brought down form the girls room then a box is filled from the lounge and taken back upstairs to put away.
  • The whole house:
    If the whole house is upside down and bits from different rooms are in different rooms then I’ll use a few baskets or boxes.  This is particularly handy if there is also washing to be put away.  I will easily fill a box of random bits and clean washing for my room and for the girls room and then once these are put away I will quite often find lingering items that are popped in the box, carried downstairs in one go and put away.

My last tip would be that if the kids are not in the mood to lend a helping hand then I usually suggest they go to bed 10 minutes early if they don’t help or add music and have a race against the clock and perhaps a treat when we are done.  A treat could be as simple as a hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Job done!  Bask in the tidiness and things put back in their rightful places but don’t expect it to last too long!!

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