It’s that time of year again to start thinking about and preparing for taking the family away to a festival.  Festivals can be great fun, be prepared and keep safe!

Here are my family festival tips for you:

Get organised:

Set aside space or a huge box to start putting your camping gear away so it’s all in the same area.  Have a list of what you need to add nearer the time and on leaving day, prepare as much as you can in advance.


Child wristbands can be great, your festival may provide them but after a day or two of playing they can fade and be difficult to read.  Get yours at Amazon.

Easy to spot:

During the day dress your kids in a bright colour so that they are easy to spot.  Come the evening glowsticks are great too as are light up balloons for pushchairs.  I’ve brought up my kids to always stay in my sight, yes, they can run ahead as long as I can see them.

If your kids are prone to wandering teach them that stewards are safe to go to and can help you both find each other.  Teach them where to find the stewards at their appropriate locations/landmarks.

If you don’t have wristbands, simply write your mobile number on their arm.

Stay together, take them to the toilet with you, kids get distracted and nervous if they are left and this is when they can wander off.

Setting up:

If your festival offers you to arrive a day early this could be the chance to avoid traffic and selecting a pitch.

If the setting up of camp is done by you, set tasks for the kids or make sure there is something to keep them close by and occupied such as a craft or game.

A wagon can be so useful too if you have to park away from your pitch.  Amazon has some great ones like these. They can also be handy for carting around the kids during the festival or set up with a little blanket for those long evenings or afternoon naps.

Enjoy it:

Dress up, have fun, pack as lightweight as possible but plenty of things to stay warm.
Take bubbles, make fairy wands, colouring, windmills, glowsticks and more.

Take ear defenders for the family, certainly the kids as hearing is so precious and festivals can be very loud and damaging to little one’s ears.  I like these Amazon ear defenders.


I’ve found with camping that perhaps due to all the running around and the fresh air that the kids are more hungry than usual, so prepare to take plenty of snack to the festival!


Be environmentally friendly, if you don’t already use refillable water bottles then get some and use them, it will not only help the environment but it will also make your festival a little cheaper instead of buying lots of drinks.

Opt for a BPA free bottle like these from Amazon.

Or alternatively one of these from Roman Atwood’s Smile More store, they are so easy to wash, they do need to be upright though as are prone to leaking but I absolutely love them for their design and size, we all have one in different colours.

Smile more water bottles
Image courtesy of Roman Atwoods Smile More Store.


But most of all, enjoy the festival preparations as these are also part of going away and when you get there, relax, enjoy and have fun.  Make memories as that’s what life is about for you and your children!



This blog post does contain affiliate links for Amazon, it costs you no more but might just send me a payment so I can stock up on teabags!!!