foraging blackberries

I love this time of year where the summer heat has subsided and we can go out foraging blackberries.  It’s great for getting some fresh air and exercise and free fruit.

Of course, we are respectful of where we pick.  We don’t leave blackberry bushes bare and only take a little.  It’s more about getting out and about, enjoying nature and seeing the seasons change.  It’s about building memories for the kids (and myself).

It’s about spending quality time together.

The kids ate blackberries straight from the bush.  We took a tub with us to fill and within 24 hours the superfood was all gone but, the memory will last.

We will go out in nature again and go foraging blackberries, elderberries and if we are lucky some apples!

While we were foraging blackberries we also found a lovely variety of flowers to press.  Pressed flowers is such a lovely activity and is suitable for all ages.