I found some old pictures on my laptop I thought I would share with you of when we made a special lunch or kids afternoon tea, either way it was tasty and fun!

A simple activity really, but involving the kids made it so much more fun for them.  Between them they created a menu list which I printed off for the table.  Then it was all hands on deck getting the kids involved with the making of the afternoon tea.

Our Kids Afternoon Tea Menu:

Sandwich selection.


Chocolate cupcakes topped with cream and raspberries.

Rocky Road.

Orange Juice.


We made a selection of sandwiches of course with the crusts cut off and a variety of fillings cut into fingers.

Abi is better at baking scones than I am so she made these to serve with jam, cream and butter.  Jess, Adam and I made the cupcakes and rocky road.

They were all involved in laying the table and decorating the cakes and serving the food.

We probably should have made a pot of tea but this kids afternoon tea was actually for lunch so we gave the tea a miss!

We started our preparations well in advance as anyone that cooks with kids knows it can take a bit longer, be a lot messier but the rewards of watching the kids create something and learn their way around the kitchen far outweighs any of the mess and time taken!

Sunny Buttercups

Perhaps this little look into our lives will inspire you to do something similar with your family or maybe a treat for when you have visitors over.  An afternoon tea buffet is something a little different to offer guests but be careful, scones can be quite filling if you eat too many!!