meal planner printable showing easy meal planning

Meal planning has so many benefits and it’s great to get into the habit of.  Here’s my free meal planner printable to help you with meal planning too.

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meal planner printable detailing days of the weeks and meals
Meal Planner Printable from Sunny Buttercups.
  • It’s easy to print this as landscape and have a few ready to use, better than getting a pen and ruler out and drawing your own!
  • The planner has sections to cover breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
  • The shopping list is in sections to allow you to find your groceries easier in store.  Sections include fruit, vegetables, cupboard, grains & bread, fridge, freezer and miscellaneous.
  • It’s convenient to refer to and makes for a much more organised kitchen.

So, why meal plan?

Budget (saving money):
It can save money and also saves wasting food working out exactly what food you need for the week.  If you generally know what food or ingredients you have in the kitchen then it’s easy to know what you need to add to the shopping list to complete the meals and this can save you money.
Knowing what you need to buy when it comes to shopping can save money as you won’t be tempted to shove anything in the trolley!
If you shop online it can also save money with deals, discounts and usually free delivery.
Using local suppliers such as butchers, green grocers or markets can also save money as long as you are aware of the cost of shopping, plus it’s great to support your local businesses.

Once planned, it will save time on the day wondering what to cook, especially if you have a family like mine asking when’s dinner or what’s for dinner.
It will also save time when getting your grocery shopping done as you will know exactly what you need to buy.

You can balance meals and snacks nutritionally and see how your healthy eating improves.  Meal planning really helps in this way instead of just grabbing something on the go or chucking a meal together perhaps wishing you had extra veg with or that’s not as healthy or balanced as it could be.

It can save on stress too if you meal plan!  Depending what you are eating you could prepare your meal in advance, at a time to suit you.
By meal planning you will be aware of what you have on during the week, perhaps you are away, will be working late or need to take the kids to an activity such as brownies, cubs, gymnastics or other clubs.  In this respect it makes it easier to plan an easy to make, quick and easy meal.

By meal planning it could improve your variety of meals.  Years ago I used to cook the basic foods time and again and have my recipe books sitting on the shelf gathering dust.  Now we rarely eat the same meal twice!  It becomes easier to look online or in books and make something different.


Why not print off a few copies (make sure it’s in landscape) of this great pdf?  Good luck to meal planning and I hope you enjoy using the meal planner printable as much as I do.


  1. Meal planning stopped here when I left work! A change is needed and definitely some variety! Thanks for the fab planner ( we will give it a go!)