mothers day flowers make peace with where you are

Today is Mothers Day in the UK.  It’s been a lovely day for me personally but this may not be the case for all.  This blog post is for Mothers day, make peace with where you are.

Let me repeat that….

Make peace with where you are.

It means letting go of the worry, it means don’t dwell on the past, it means don’t be anxious about the future, it means be present in the moment with all that you have and all that surrounds you, make peace with where you are right now.

Accept what your life is, make peace with it.  Let go of those doubts and concerns and watch how much more enjoyable life becomes.

Mothers day should be like just any other day, look after yourself, be cared for and caring.

Love yourself and others from the heart, speak kind words to yourself and others.

If you’re a mum, don’t get wrapped up in guilt, should haves, could haves, needs and wants.  Your ultimate goal is to be happy, you can help this by making peace with where you are.

Don’t stress over the mess, the finances, the children.
Quit worrying about what others think.
Ask for help if you need it.
Have fun.
Put down the phone, get in touch with the here and now.
Smile more, be there for the kids as well as yourself.
Don’t just wait for mothers day to be kind to your mother.

Be you, be in peace, live life and be happy.  Make peace with where you are and see the world change around you.  See how better you feel when you make peace with where you are.

Make peace with the children, your journey towards motherhood, your motherhood journey.  Make peace in your mind, make peace with your mother.  We are all different but we don’t need to stress about life, home, kids, family, friends.  Make peace!!