#notbacktoschool children eating breakfast

It’s the end of the summer holidays for kids up and down the country.  We’ve been spoilt by glorious weather and plenty of days at the beach.  Time spent with family and friends has been blissful.  Picnics never got boring and outings tired us all out but in a lovely way.

Now is time for school to begin again and social media is plagued by pictures of children in their new school uniforms armed and ready for another school year.

We too are starting another school year but from home.  I love that we home school our kids.  It suits us as a family, my children love it and so do I.

I love seeing them learn so many things.

This year we marked the ocassion with a treat breakfast of home baked (although packet bought) cinnamon swirls.

Our approach to home education is semi structured.  By that I mean we have structured work mainly in the mornings followed by less structured activities in the afternoon such as craft or getting out and about meeting people or popping to the park, library, beach, shops or wherever takes our fancy.

not back to school photo kids smiling on an iggle piggle ride

This year is the first time I have got super organised.  There have been several late nights sat at the laptop and printer gathering various resources together.  I have book marked pages in books and worked out any extra things that we may need in order to complete science, geography and craft tasks.

Three days into our home education:

So far it has worked out really well being so organised.  I feel that the pressure has been taken off me knowing that I have everything in place.  I know there will always be random things to add to the home education such as today the kids were really interested in sharks.  Sharks don’t seem to be on the National Curriculum but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn about them!

And this is just one example of the joys of home schooling!!

home school crafts painting stones

The additional bonus of spending time collating resources during the summer holidays means I can now balance my own life more.  Balancing family time, education time, time for me and a little more time for my blog.

not back to school home schooling and painting the solar system craft
Jess had been painting the solar system and asked me to do the second coat and extra colours so that was last nights task once the kids were in bed…..and yes….. I did enjoy it!

If this term of 14 weeks goes well with my planning of resources and home school work then I will be doing the same over the Christmas period in readiness for the Spring term.

Final word for #notbacktoscool:

Do what suits you as a family.

Take the pressure off yourself if you can.

Buy your school supplies just after the kids go to school and grab yourself some bargains in the back to school sales!