play the forest school way book review

Forest School is getting more and more popular.  It has so many benefits for children so before I tell you more about my Play the Forest School Way review and how much I enjoyed the book here’s a few reasons why Forest School is so great.

Forest school benefits:

  • Increases self confidence and self esteem.
  • Increases creativity, dynamic play and imagination.
  • Increases levels of concentration and motivation.Develops communication and language skills.
  • Develops communication and language skills.

There are plenty of Forest Schools throughout the country but this book gives you as a family the opportunity to play the Forest School way be it when you are just out as a family or a few families meeting up.  A lot of the games can be played with varying amounts of children and the variety of activities, games and knowledge building opportunities presented in the book is a great starting point for having your own personalised mini forest school outings.
This book is written for parents, carers and teachers but can easily be understood by children.

Some of the games and activities could be played in open space, out in nature.  Don’t think you have to restrict yourselves to huge forests and woodlands.

Pack yourself a picnic and get back to nature and fresh air.  Throw in some gentle learning and activities and you’ll find yourself onto a winner.

Play the Forest School Way.
Play the Forest School Way.

The book is beautifully illustrated and is suitable for children of about 3-11 years of age, the activities can be varied to suit individual age and capability.  It shares Forest School games, crafts and skill-building activities.

Bring your children into a world of wonder.  Get your kids outside, making and building in the real world.  There’s an exciting chapter on Survival Skills and a creative one on Forest Arts, while the Nature Explorers chapter offers perception-changing activities that get children seeing their surroundings in totally new ways.

Play the Forest School Way:

•  Be a fox tracking its prey, a moth evading a bat, a rabbit fleeing a forest fire!

•  Make a working bow and arrow, spectacular headdresses, beautiful woodland jewellery, magic wands – all with materials gathered from the forest floor.

•  Learn wilderness survival skills: build a shelter, make fire, forage and cook wild food.

If you want to grab yourself a copy of the book Play the Forest School Way by Peter Houghton and Jane Worroll here’s a link.

I love this book especially as I home school but I do think this book can be very much enjoyed by so many children and families.  Here’s a recent post you may also enjoy 12 Reason Why I Homeschool.

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