Many of you may have heard of Roman Atwood.  I stumbled upon a prank video of his a couple of years ago.  It was the Crazy Plastic Ball Prank, then there is the great behind the scenes vlog of the prank.  And lastly, you can find Roman Atwood on his main Youtube channel has his daily (most days) vlogs.

I watch his daily vlogs, I enjoy his pranks and find him and his family very positive and family orientated.  He spreads positivity and motivation as well as love of family and demonstrates the importance of family time.  Lets face it, we decide to have children, they are only children for a short time and life is about fun!

Roman Atwood has an awesome slogan which is ‘Smile More’ it’s a lovely positive saying which is also his brand.  People everywhere should adopt the attitude of Smile More.

Roman Atwood Smile More Bracelets

I feel the ethics he demonstrates fits in with mine.  I love my children, I love happiness and positivity, fun and family time.

It can sometimes be easy to get caught up in life and it’s problems, yes, everyone has problems and problems do have solutions but it’s important to stay focused on smiling more and finding a better feeling thought and enjoying life no matter what you are going through.  I wrote a positivity blog post about feeling a better happier place you can read it here.

Abi, my daughter loves watching him too.  During 2016 he toured the States with Fousey and was really successful.  I was overjoyed to hear that he set some tour dates for the UK.  As soon as tickets went on sale I booked the Manchester Apollo to go and see him with Abi.

Roman vs Fousey Tour

The 8th September 2016 soon came around.  Our long awaited adventure began.  It was typical though that in the rush to get out the house to go and see the show that I forgot my camera and only had a very inadequate phone camera.  Yes….. I did cry that I forgot my camera & no…. I can’t show any of the pictures from my phone because it really is that shockingly bad a phone!  I need a new one very soon!

The show itself was amazing.  I’m so glad that we saw the RomanvsFousey tour.  It was inspirational, entertaining and pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity (unless he sets some more tour dates).

The staff at the venue were all lovely.  The venue itself was great.  Parking was busy but luckily we got the second to last space in the overflow car park having got stuck in a LOT of traffic on the way to Manchester.

Roman Atwood Smile More Tshirt
Roman Atwood Smile More Tshirt

Prior to the tour, I had ordered some of his merchandise and we saved our limited edition Tshirts for the tour.  I’m more often than not seen wearing his smile more bracelet and I’m counting down the days to order a few hoodies, back packs and other great smile more merchandise.

Why not have a look at Roman Atwoods Vlogs too?  He could well be the inspirational vlogger you were looking for too.  Enjoy his passion for life, his family and fun.


This blog post is not paid or in collaboration with Roman Atwood, all thoughts are my own.

Images are taken from my pinterest board