Seaside view a great place to spend time with friends and family

Sometimes as parents we can get so wrapped up with running the house, planning and cooking meals and running to and from groups and clubs it can tire us out.  It can be overwhelming.

I’ve been so busy lately with groups, meet ups, play dates, home ed plus enjoying my blog.  Put alongside that the never ending washing, cooking, picnics, walks, shopping and daily life I’ve been shattered by the end of the day.

Today was like a breath of fresh air.  It’s been a few weeks since we had visitors from where we used to live and today an old friend visited with her family.  So six kids, two adults and a fab trip to the beach is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The sun was shining the kids had fun.  Sandcastles were built, a giant hole to jump in was dug and the obligatory sandwiches with a hint of sand were eaten.

It’s times like these with fresh sea air that can aid relaxation and of course memory building with for the kids.

Old victorian seaside pier
The old pier needs a lot of TLC, just like us grown ups sometimes.

So….. if you’ve read this far, if you feel overwhelmed with life and have never ending to do lists I would highly recommend getting out with a good friend.  Have some fun.  Some grown up conversation if you have little ones running around.  Adult conversation can be hard to come by with the kids around all the time but out in open space kids can be free range and we can get to talk!

Cherish your friends, take time out for yourself and keep filling that diary!  I’m already working on arranging further afield friends meet ups.  I just need to juggle it with everything else going on.