This week saw Adam turning 2.  I can’t believe what a gorgeous little boy he is.  Okay, so as his mother it’s only natural I think that but he’s so sweet.  He naturally says please and thank you and his baby babble is turning into proper language no doubt helped by having very talkative sisters (and mum).

overhead picture of 3 children playing with birthday presents on the floor
Adam enjoying his presents!

A local venue is running vertical dance sessions which is great fun for Abi.  She gets harnessed up and swings around dancing.  It was her first go this week and she absolutely loved it!

On Saturday there was a big event on the promenade which was really family friendly with lots of free events (as well as paid) and the girls loved the rock climbing.

Climbing trees barefoot
Even tree climbing was done in bare feet!

And of course, what would we do without the local parks in the sunshine and kids running around barefoot?  I would have run round barefoot if it wasn’t for it being covered in dressings and a bandage from a fall down the stairs with nasty carpet burns!