Blimey, where is the year going to?  Heading towards the end of May already, at this rate I’m going to have to think about Christmas shopping.

The girls were indecisive one day this week what to play so I got the pot of lolly sticks out.  Each stick has a play idea on.  They opted to play libraries which meant they a) tidied a bit of their room & b) stole some of my books to add to their collection.  They had lots of fun though.

The girls were undecided what to play so the pot of lolly sticks came out, lots of play ideas written on lots of sticks.

We’ve been reading the month of May in The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady and were inspired to make a mini maypole and tissue paper flower bluebells that you can see on the blog here.

Happy boy looking up at the blog camera
Adam was happy to join in the crafts.

Adam has become obsessed with watching a video of Abi dancing from a few weeks ago.  He even jumps down from my knee and attempts a few of the dance moves and dances around for ages asking for it to go on again and again.  For copyright issues, I have had to delete the sound from the clip but it’s David Guetta’s Titanium.

This weekend there was a 40’s festival in Colwyn Bay which was really interesting.  The shop windows were displayed in 40’s items, there was a mini museum, two airplanes lots of vehicles and people dressed up.

40's festival colwyn bay picture collage
A few highlights from the festival.

So these are the highlights from our week.  I’ve included the dog and myself from one evening.  Once all the kids are in bed she always has a huge fuss from me and she whines as if she’s talking to me but as soon as the camera comes out she stops her ‘talking’.  Perhaps one day I’ll capture her in full volume.

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