This week has been a heat wave here.  The temperature has been scorching, so hot that I haven’t taken the camera out as the heat would not have done it much good.

We had a great time when another home ed family came to stay.  The kids all played so well together and I even managed the odd grown up conversation with my fab mama friend.  A trip to the beach with ice creams, the RSPB nature reserve and the heat melted us.

We’ve had the windows all open trying to keep cool and even got the fan out much to the kids delight as well as relief for the panting dog.

Kids cooling down!

Again I didn’t take the camera to a craft garden party and a meet up of families on the beach as it was too hot.  Making two picnics plus lots of activities did, however, tire the kids out particularly well!

Being the frugal mum that I am I invested in some great ice lolly molds.  They stand easily, clip together and the stick sits in a little cup which is great to catch the drips.  I just fill them with fruit juice and the kids love them.  It’s already saved a fortune in ice lollies and I prefer the kids to have a healthier frozen treat avoiding lots of flavourings, additives, preservatives and colourings.

Mango juice is the preferred flavour and texture in our house.

After a busy week the girls watched a Sunday afternoon movie with microwave popcorn served in cereal boxes as I have no popcorn tubs!  They made tickets, closed the curtains and added extra cushions to the sofa.  We’ve had a lovely chilled out day after our hectic but wonderful week.