There have been some big days out this week.

Bank holiday Monday brought us to the Pirate Festival in Conwy which was the first time we had attended.  There were plenty of stalls and entertainment for the kids.

I was tempted to enter the barrel race competition but Adam was fast asleep in the sling so we just enjoyed watching from the sidelines which was highly entertaining.  There were canons being fired to the pirate ship and back which were a lot louder and dramatic than expected so that was fun too.

I bumped into an old friend which was a lovely surprise.  And the girls timed a swing ride when there was no queue and they had a longer time swinging than they should have done!

fairground swinging ride by conwy castle

We had a great time at the zoo with friends as well as a lovely workshop with a bunch of home educators.  I still love the penguins and a good day out was had by all.

my two girls playing swingball in the garden

And finally, today involved far too much eating at a family BBQ in the sunshine and fun in the garden.