August was a glorious month with plenty of sunshine and lots of days out and picnics.

This has been a busy month with lots of play dates with friends and family.  Friends visiting for days and mini holidays with us to enjoy the seaside too.

August saw Jess turn 5.  She’s growing into such a wonderful daughter, sister and person.  I am so proud of her and catch myself looking at her beauty and personality with awe, but then I am her Mum!

For months Jess had been requesting a rainbow pinata cake so in the evenings leading up to her birthday I would bake a couple of cakes, wrap them and popped them in the freezer until I had enough layers.  I iced the cake with a rainbow so she thought that was the rainbow and consequently she had a lovely surprise when she cut into.  I filled the center of the cake with smarties and mini chocolate orange pieces.

It’s been a fantastic month being social and having lovely quality time in the sunshine with the children.  I love picnics and think it’s so easy to make lunch to take out and have fun and enjoy the sea and countryside on our doorstep.