July’s Sunday Snippets are really thin on the ground.  I’ve not been myself and the camera has been gathering dust in it’s bag for the most part of the month.

The month just seems to have flown by in a blink of the eye so here’s a little of what we have been up to.

two girls squeezed into a pink and purple play tunnel
The girls can still fit in the tunnel together 😀

The girls could both squeeze into the play tunnel which personally I thought was amusing and cute so had to share it.

gril glass painting mason jar
Glass painting a sweet jar for Mr Ps birthday.

It was Mr P’s birthday this month so we made some gifts including some glass jars painted by the girls and filled with sweets which were really lovely.  A great gift idea for the frugal and loving creative kind!

The kids and I made a birthday cake for Mr P but we also made a prank cake by putting an inflated balloon in a cake tin and smothering it with pink and white shaving gel that foamed up.  I told him it was a new recipe based on an Eton Mess dessert so when he went to cut it the balloon popped.  It wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped for but still very funny.

There was a local home ed camp in North Wales which was great fun.  There were lovely woods, a playground and lots of families brought plenty of things to do.  The girls loved the zip slide in the woods and we got lots of play time and creative things done including nature weaving.

Nature weaving with sticks leaves grass and flowers
Nature weaving.