black tea mosquito bite relief itching

Camping last week was great except for the horrific mosquito bites.  I’ve never had them that bad before.  Swollen, itching mosquito bites surrounded by redness and causing extreme itching.  Then I discovered a natural remedy in the form of black tea.

It was 4am in the morning, a quick google ruled out a lot of remedies as I was stuck with limited supplies at camp.

I simply made a mug of tea to drink and at the same time I popped a teabag into another mug, added hot water and let that sit and stew and eventually cool down.

Once the black tea was cooled I applied the soaking wet teabag to the mosquito bites.  I literally sighed with relief.  I reapplied this several times throughout the day and after around 24 hours some of the redness had reduced and I kept applying the black tea for mosquito bites.

Cold tea applied with the teabag really does relieve the itching!!!

teabags mosquito itching relief

I still can’t believe how relieving it is to use on mosquito bites.

Such a simple remedy to stop that mosquito bite itching.

The cold black tea water admittedly dripped everywhere but I really didn’t care as the benefit was too great to be concerned over some tea drips!

I’ve since returned home, it’s day 4 now of mosquito bites and I’ve not needed to use the black tea.

Yesterday was day 3 of the majority of the mosquito bites itching.  I bathed them in cold black tea every few hours and before bed.

Seeing as I was home I also used a clicking device called Zanza click which works to stop the urge to scratch, reduces swelling and is quick, easy and safe to use.  It uses a natural quartz crystal which produce a tiny static charge when the button on the top is pressed.  This tiny charge inactivates the histamine response that causes the itch, thus stopping the urge to scratch and reducing the swelling.

Next time I will remember to also pack this.  It’s helped alongside the mosquito tea remedy.  You can buy the Zanza click here on Amazon.

I had packed a lovely roll on for mosquito bites but it can’t be used once the skin is broken so if you apply it before you’ve scratched then I would also recommend Xpel Bite and Sting Relief Roll On from Amazon.

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