My morning routine doesn’t even feel like effort anymore.  If you do something often enough it becomes a habit.  So I stumbled upon something online about drinking water in the morning.

Admittedly I had to consciously think about adding this to my morning routine but now I don’t need to think about it at all, I automatically reach for my drink of water as it has become a habit and a habit that I highly recommend.

I go to bed with a bottle of water (washable not consuming overpriced bottled water or adding to the plastic pollution).  As soon as I wake and swing my legs out of bed I open the curtains, admire the view and the little bit of sea in the distance and I drink the equivalent of a large glass of water.

This is also where I consciously put my mindset to positive thinking, looking at the view certainly helps, being appreciative and usually non-specific, just being happy.

Cuddles with the kids also help (them and me)!

So why drink a glass of water in the morning?

It’s a simple step to help improve your health.

Drinking water this early in the morning can help rehydrate you from your nights’ sleep.

It can help clear toxins which also benefits your skin, so get drinking and get glowing!

It can improve the creation of new blood cells, muscle cells and aid weight loss.  Drinking water in the morning can fire up your metabolism and may even make you eat less.

Water gives your brain fuel, it can help you feel less groggy, less fatigue and less prone to mood fluctuations.

Sunny ButtercupsIf you spend the day drinking tea and coffee both of these are diuretics, meaning they make you pee more than you drink.  Your body is mainly made up of water, so it makes sense to drink enough to be healthy and function well, not just during the day but especially drinking water in the morning to boost yourself and to start the day off well.

Since I started drinking water first thing in the morning I can say it has made a significant and real difference to my life and how I feel.

Get yourself and everyone in your household into the habit of drinking water in the morning.  See the benefits for yourself.